Is Calcium Good for You?

August 22, 2016



In older women who have suffered a stroke or exhibit other signs of cerebrovascular disease, calcium supplements may be linked to a higher risk of dementia, according to results from a recent study. (Kern J, et al. Calcium supplementation and a risk of dementia in women with cerebrovascular disease. Neurology. 08/17/20016)


Researchers in Sweden followed 700 dementia-free women ages 70 to 92 for 5 years. They found that women treated with calcium supplements were twice as likely to develop dementia compared to women who did not take supplements and were at 7 times higher risk of developing dementia after a stroke.


A 2013 study from the National Institutes of Health suggests there is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular diseases from taking calcium supplements. (Xiao Q, et al. Dietary and supplemental calcium intake and cardiovascular mortality: The National Institute of Health-AARP diet and health study. JAMA Internal Medicine, 2013; 173:639).


What about osteoporosis? In the study from New Zealand, researches analyzed more than 100 studies and concluded that boosting calcium intake beyond normal dietary levels was not beneficial for bone strength, and did not prevent fractures. (Bollard M, et al. Calcium intake and risk of fracture: systemic review. BMJ 2015:351.


Unfortunately, more than 75% of Americans are calcium deficient due to consuming processed food.


Let’s replace calcium the natural way by eating healthy food:

dark leafy greens, bok choy, broccoli, almonds, edamame, figs, white beans, oranges, okra, tofu, sardines, almonds, and of course dairy product like: cheese, yogurt, kefir, milk.

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